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"The clients who seek me out have worked everywhere from the White House, Pentagon and NSA to Parliament Hill via every major industry in North America.

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100% Authentic - No Fake 'Drip Feed' Google Reviews, Unverifiable Anonymous Owner,
or Outsourcing to Anonymous Low-Wage Overseas Writers.

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Work directly with me.  If the owner of the company isn’t writing your resume, then who is? Unlike some ‘big box’ resume factories that use the owner as nothing more than a figurehead to attract business, I do not outsource your resume writing to anonymous ghost writers, low-wage overseas contractors, or office juniors with little real world experience. You will partner directly with me and will be able to leverage my hard-won expertise for your resume project. There are many ‘big box’ resume writing services in Victoria, however if you’re looking for high-level expertise and the personal touch, we could be a good match.

International Acclaim. I am Canada’s first Certified Master Resume Writer and the first resume writer in Canada invited to join the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council. I have also won multiple resume writing awards from Career Directors International in the ‘Best Executive Resume’ category.

Experienced Executive Recruiter & Recruitment Consultant. When you engage me to write your resume, you will benefit from my hard-won expertise in the domestic and international recruiting world where I led search assignments for major Fortune 500 companies on two continents, including Shell, Chevron, Encana Corporation, Teck, Fluor, IBM, Motorola, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, British Red Cross, and many more.

I acquired insight into how they recruit and what they look for in an applicant.  I know what you’re doing wrong with your resume.  I have reviewed over 40,000 resumes and interviewed over 6,000 people over the course of my career.  Leverage my hard-won, real-world business experience developed in the recruitment consulting and executive recruiting trenches to give you the edge you deserve with your resume writing project.

100% Authentic.  No Fake ‘Drip Feed’ Google Reviews.

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I'm Ken, an experienced executive recruiter, former staffing agency owner, and award-winning, multi-certified resume writer with 23+ years of experience.

Canada’s First Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW) & International Acclaim. I am the first resume writer in Canada to have attained the levels of excellence needed to be awarded the most prestigious credential in the worldwide resume writing industry – Certified Master Resume Writer, and the first resume writer in Canada invited to join the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council. I have also won multiple resume writing awards from Career Directors International in the ‘Best Executive Resume’ category. If you’re looking for resume services in Victoria, read on to find out more.

The Best & Brightest. My Victoria resume writing services have been sought out by some of the most talented and influential people in BC, throughout Canada, and indeed across North America, to include a former member of a Canadian Prime Minister’s innermost circle, White House & Pentagon executives, CEOs of publicly traded companies, trailblazing entrepreneurs, high-ranking military figures, and award-winning professionals at every level.

Value. My pricing structure is highly competitive.  I know of no other writer in the Canadian marketplace who offers the blend of recruiting expertise, business experience, and resume writing credentials and awards at this price point. 

I don’t ask you to pay extra for a bloated corporate structure, swanky downtown offices, or commission mark-up before outsourcing resume projects to an anonymous ‘team’ of writers. You deal with me 100% from start-to-finish and there are no hidden fees at any stage of the process.

Media Contributor & Industry Expert. I have featured in radio/print media including CBC and, and my resume samples were hand-picked by the President of CDI for inclusion in the 7th & 8th Editions of ‘Resumes for Dummies’. 

In Summary. I know of no-one else in this market who can offer you the unique blended skill set I bring to your project.  If you are looking for professional resume writing services in the Victoria, BC marketplace, partner with me and take advantage of my extensive recruitment consulting, executive recruiting, and resume writing background to give your resume the edge it deserves.

Choose Wisely. What matters most to you at this point?  Getting it done cheap, or getting it done right? Yes, there are cheaper options and yes, I can only take on a certain number of clients per month.  If cheap, quick, and readily available is what you need, there are plenty of people ready to send your project overseas, hand it to a ‘trainee’, or someone with no certifications or understanding of the recruiting world and best ways to market a skill set.  If you can see the value in what I bring to your project, I’d like to work with you.

Industry Leader:
Best Resume Writer Victoria - Highest Resume Writing Certification
Ken Docherty, Certified Executive Resume Master
Best Resume Writer Victoria - 1st Place Award - International Competition
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"The best and the brightest seek me out as they can appreciate the unique blend of skills I bring to their project beyond merely writing resume documents, and into my background as a former executive recruiter and employment agency owner capable of understanding the recruitment requirements and desires of senior hiring managers across many industries."

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Resume Writing

Learn more about what Ken brings to your  resume writing project.

LinkedIn Profile Creation

Keep your brand consistent.  Add a LinkedIn update to your package.

Interview Coaching

You’ve got the interview!  Now what? Book your interview coaching of course!

Read more kind words from clients

  • “Ken did an outstanding job with providing me an up to date resume and cover letter in less than a week. I have been at the same company for 10 years, but have had so many different roles and positions, it was hard to articulate my key skills in a three page resume.

    From our interview session, Ken was able to capture my key competencies and skills, and focus on what will attract me to employers. A small investment to secure a great career. Highly recommend!.”

    – Patrick Chatterton
  • “Ken produced an extremely high quality product in my executive resume. He was able to bring together essential components of my professional experience and highlight them in a manner that opened the door for a targeted application.

    His knowledge and experience helped brand my professionalism and expertise exactly as required; my new executive resume afforded me the opportunity to compete for one the highest positions within my field and community.

    His interview coaching then ensured that I was able to maximize this opportunity through creating a dialogue within the interview and with the hiring committee to showcase all the added value my skills, experience, and passion brought to the position I was seeking with this premier organization.

    I strongly recommend Ken and his services for those wishing to create lasting employment success and advancement opportunities.”

    – Mike McFetridge
  • “Ken did an outstanding job with providing me a resume, a cover letter and a Linkedin profile. It was really hard for me to write my own resume, number one because I have never had the need before and second, because of my diverse experience in different industries and areas.

    I knew I needed someone with experience to interview me to be able capture my key competencies and skills and focus on what will attract me to employers, he did it!

    Thank you very much Ken, I now feel confident to go job hunting.”

    – Vincente Herrera
  • “1 hour. That’s how long it took from the time I received my resume from Ken to the time the recruiter for the position I was most interested in called.

    Had a chat with her, she recommended me to the client and I got the job!

    Take the rest of the day off. You’ve earned it! “

    Sam B
  • “Highly recommended. I always had problems with interviews, so I called Ken and booked an appointment.

    Ken helped me focus on what was important and made me more aware of myself and my unconscious little blunders, so I could correct them.

    He is friendly and funny, and full of constructive criticism.

    I was the successful candidate for the job he helped me prepare for, which is my ultimate dream job!

    Thank you Ken!”

    Kim, Head Children’s Librarian
  • “Ken did an amazing job on my resume and cover letter. He got everything ready for me within 2 days and just in time for the deadline.

    He payed very close attention to everything I told him and put together a flawless piece.

    First place I applied, I landed an interview with.

    His work is definitely worth every penny.”

    Argi Ahmadi
  • “My experience has been nothing short of fantastic.

    I have received interview calls within a week of my posting the resume drafted by Ken. (I had been trying for almost 8 months before that without any success whatsoever)

    Highly recommended!”

    Aparna Das
  • “I engaged Ken to write an executive resume after being let go from my last role due to the economy. Ken took the time to fully understand my skills, accomplishments, unique value proposition, and put it all together in hard-hitting and highly impactful document.

    I recently secured a wonderful role and I do not underestimate the part your work played in this. Thank you Ken for making this process easy for me.

    I have referred you to my network and will continue to do so.”

    Gavin Richardson
  • “Excellent service!!! Ken really took the time to understand my previous roles along with skills and accomplishments. I was so impressed with the final results and had an interview for 2/3 jobs I applied for within 48 hours of applying (after receiving zero responses for almost a year).

    I will be using Ken again to update my resume with my new role and responsibilities.”

    Shahzeen Nanji
  • “He did a great job. and because of that, I now have a great job. Instead of hoping for an interview, I’m getting interviews right away.

    I would definitely recommend anyone who’s looking for work hire Ken for a professionally written resume.

    When you consider what you stand to gain from getting a better job sooner as a result, it’s totally worth the price.”

    Scott Reine
  • “Ken is the absolute best in his field!

    He takes the time necessary to craft the ultimate resume and cover letter documents.

    I was offered a resume writing service from my company when I was let go, and I graciously declined and opted to enlist Ken to assist me after reading the reviews.

    5 star reviews do not come along very often and when you use his service you will see exactly why he is the gold standard in this field.”

    Shawn Johnson
  • “I couldn’t be more happy with the experience that I had with Ken.

    He did an outstanding job in producing a resume that was above and beyond my expectations.

    I would recommend his services to anyone that needed a professional resume.

    He genuinely cares.”

    Chris Barnes

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Canada’s First Certified Master Resume Writer + Certified Executive Resume Master + Experienced Executive Recruiter + International Award-Winning Resume Writer + Former Employment Agency Owner + First Resume Writer in Canada Invited to Join the Prestigious Forbes Coaches Council = Best-In-Class Service!