Resume Samples Victoria, BC – Take a look through these resume examples written by Ken Docherty, Certified Master Resume Writer, Certified Executive Resume Master, and experienced executive recruiter and recruitment consultant.

Below you will find a sampling of my recent work.  The names, addresses, companies, locations, and content has been modified and fictionalized to protect the anonymity and privacy of the client and prevent identification.  Any resemblance to persons living or otherwise is purely coincidental. 

Will your resume look like this?  Maybe and maybe not.  These resumes were developed to be a representation of the individual client’s goals, objectives, professional experience, education, accomplishments, and personality. 

Your resume will reflect your own skills, experience, accomplishments, personality, and target objectives.  There are similarities between the resumes in design elements, writing style, positioning, and branding which flows through from me.  This is an example of my style, and what I can do with a client’s information.

The design and graphical elements of a resume have the power to make an impact and stand out from the crowd, however, it’s largely the content that will win you an interview.  If you have the time, read through the documents and pay attention to the content to see the information I collected from my clients, and how I positioned them with the use of effective, powerful, and dynamic language.

Chief Executive Officer

Victoria Executive Resume Services - Award-Winning Certified Master Resume Writer
Victoria Executive Resume Services - Award-Winning Executive Resume Sample

Chief Executive Officer

Award-Winning Executive Resumes Victoria - Executive Resume Sample
Executive Resume Writing Victoria - Executive Resume Sample

Information Technology Executive

Victoria Resume - IT Resume Sample
Best Resume Services Victoria - IT Resume Sample

Senior Accounting & Finance Manager

Best Victoria Resume Writer - Finance Manager Resume Sample
Victoria Resume Writing - Accountant / Controller Resume Sample

Chief Operating Officer

Victoria Resume Writer - Executive Sample
Victoria Resume Writing Services - Executive Resume Sample

Sales Manager / Account Executive

Resume Writer Victoria - Senior Sales Manager Sample
Resume Services Victoria - Resume Sample Sales Manager / Account Executive

Executive Assistant

Victoria Resume Services - Executive Assistant Resume Sample
Resumes Services Victoria - Sample Executive Assistant Resume - Page 2

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